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                                        Huanggang City Zhongji Kiln Co., Ltd. is a professional kiln company, which is engaged in a dragon service of design and development, manufacture, construction and installation, thermal debugging, technical consultation of industrial kiln. It is located in the ancient city with beautiful scenes, Huanggang, Hubei province, which is the largest production enterprise of direct reduction iron (powder metallurgy and steelmaking sponge iron, vanadium titano-magnetite and laterite nickel ore sponge iron) tunnel kiln equipment and kiln technology matching refueling system equipment. The registered capital of our company is 2.18 million yuan, with the national secondary specialized construction qualification of kiln engineering, passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, is the member unit of powder metallurgy association of China. The company has 300 staffs, including 3 people have senior professional title, 5 people have intermediate title, 20 people have primary title, 2 first class architects, 5 secondary architects(project manager), 1 intermediate accountant, 5 design engineers(kiln and mechanical equipment). The technical force of our company is strong, has a number of invention and proprietary technology of tunnel kiln of direct reduction sponge iron.

                                        The main business of the company involved powder metallurgy, steelmaking sponge iron, vanadic titanomagnetite and laterite nickel ore. Especially through several years’ successful practice, our company develops much technology of energy saving and environmental protection, the automatic control mechanization reduces labor intensity, a single tunnel kiln can produce direct reduction sponge iron (metallurgy powder) 5000-60000 tons in a year, which make our company have a qualitative leap on the field of tunnel kiln producing sponge iron. In recent years, the domestic and foreign direct reduction sponge iron (powder metallurgy) technology is developing fast, in order to adapt to the needs of the market, and improve the quality of products, save energy and reduce consumption, our company summarized and formulated a set of complete practical scheme of design, which is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation, debugging of the project, until the product is complete, the new technology and new technology of direct reduction sponge iron (powder metallurgy) of our company, enhances the advancement and reliability of technology of tunnel kiln of direct reduction sponge iron. This tunnel kiln also has many advantages, such as rational structure, significant energy conservation, advanced performance, beautiful modelling, smooth operation of the equipment, good working environment, low cost, convenient operation and maintenance, the main economic index has reached even more than the similar kiln at home and abroad. Our company has made the sponge iron tunnel kiln and matching refueling system equipment in Shanxi Yangquan, Linli, Yuanxin, Changzhi Yarui, Licheng, Henan Gongyi, Ningxia Yinchuan, Sichuan Panzhihuan, Liaoning Chaoyang, Beipiao, Lingyuan, Jianping, Benxi, Nanfen, Qiaotou, Inner Mongolia Aohan Banner, Baotou, Hebei Tangshan, Haocheng, Kuancheng, Anhui Langxi, Xinjiang Shanshan, Atushi ect. successfully applies and produces hundreds of kilns. Our company implies a dragon service that from research design to construction installation of the project, until produce qualified products, the service of project general contract and single contract, turn-key project. At the same time, our company can design, manufacture, instal of kiln, such as building sanitary ceramics, ceramics for daily use, refractory material, glassceramic, rare earth chemical industry, new building materials, electrical porcelain, structure ceramics etc. Welcome all the leaders and experts to our company, inspect and guide the powder metallurgy base, work together to create brilliant achievement!